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Utility Damages

Damages Sustained by Utility Company Negligence

Sophisticated, cost-effective representation:
Individuals injured by a utility company activity rely on the talented team of property damage at attorneys at Sheps Law Group, P.C. The most distinct advantage provided by the firm is the commitment to achieving results in the most efficient and affordable manner.
Sheps Law Group, P.C. diligently and effectively represents plaintiffs across the tri-state area who has suffered property damage as a result of electrical abnormalities, sewer back-ups and service faults.
Sheps Law Group, P.C. continues to stay closely apprised of emerging trends in the field of utility law in order to provide the finest counsel to the firm’s clients. The truly unique approach by the firm in combining an aggressive attack on utility companies and municipalities when necessary, coupled with a thoughtful and methodical approach in resolving claims for homeowners and businesses has been recognized in the industry and by peers alike.