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Cases are often times won and lost at the fire scene. It is important to have an attorney who can immediately respond with a team of knowledgeable fire and explosion experts to protect your interests and identify responsible parties for your injuries. Our attorneys and experts are available to travel on moment’s notice to protect your rights.

fire_building2From a legal standpoint, explosion and fire accident claims involve a complicated, technical mix of federal and state laws and regulations and industry standards. From a factual standpoint, they are often caused by multiple acts and omissions of different parties, and highly specialized experts are required to prove the cause of the explosion or fire. Getting to the bottom of what caused an explosion or fire, and who is and ought to be held accountable for the injuries and damages caused, is no small task. Although many lawyers claim to handle fire accident cases, victims of these accidents and their families need not just a good personal injury lawyer, but a law firm with the resources, experience, and personnel necessary to properly investigate and pursue the claim.

Our attorneys and fire experts will spend countless hours working at the fire scene to identify all important evidence to prove your case. We will notify responsible parties of your claim early on to ensure all proper legal procedures are met to move your case forward.

Explosions and fires often lead to devastating personal injuries, death, and destruction of property and livelihoods. They are shocking and overwhelming events. Victims need both immediate and long-term help, including help from experienced lawyers, to pick up the pieces.